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Air Products to Host a Day of Understanding, Week of Inclusion Beginning June 7

The Global Event will Include a Series of Discussions and Activities Designed to Continue to Build a Workplace Where All Employees Know They Belong and Matter

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Air Products (NYSE:APD) will host a Day of Understanding on June 7 as part of its Week of Inclusion in which employees will participate in a series of discussions on diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Air Products hosts a Day of Understanding as part of its commitment to CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion. Seifi Ghasemi, Air Products’ Chairman, President and CEO, is one of nearly 2,000 leaders who have pledged to take action to support a more inclusive workplace. The Day of Understanding is a day where leaders promote conversations about inclusion and address potential bias in the workplace.

Air Products has expanded its efforts this year to include a week of global activities and discussions. This year’s theme will focus on allyship and advocacy. Allyship is when any person takes or demonstrates action to support, empower or stand up for another person or group of people. Allyship is a key part of Air Products’ goal to create a workplace where all employees know they belong and matter.

The week begins with a fireside chat with Ghasemi and Victoria Brifo, Air Products’ Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. During the chat they share their views on why an inclusive workplace is the right thing to do and a competitive advantage for the Company.

A Leadership Discussion About Diversity and Allyship

Air Products' Chairman, President and CEO Seifi Ghasemi and Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Victoria Brifo share with employees some personal reflection and experiences that helped define what diversity and allyship mean to them.

“When you look at Air Products, we operate not in isolation, we are part of the society we live in. If we are going to be an integral part of the ecosystem, it is only natural that our workforce should be representative of that society,” Ghasemi said. “When you have a diverse group of people, your probability of being innovative significantly increases. Companies with a diverse workforce are more innovative.”

In addition to the fireside chat, Air Products’ employees will have the opportunity to take part in numerous discussions and events, including sessions such as “Draw the Line: Boundaries That Prevent Burnout,” and “Allyship Across Races: No Comfort Zones.”

Air Products has publicly stated its goal of being the most diverse industrial gas company in the world. As part of that goal, the Company previously announced goals to further increase the percentage of women globally and minorities in the United States in professional and managerial roles. By 2025, the Company aims to achieve at least 28 percent female representation in these roles globally and at least 20 percent minority representation in these roles in the U.S.

To learn more about Air Products’ efforts to promote diversity, visit the Air Products’ Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging website.

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