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Hydrogen molecule
Analytical Laboratories, Research and Science| Oil and Gas| Cement and Lime| Industries| Welding and Cutting| Pharmaceuticals| Metals and Materials Processing| Oil Refining| Liquefaction of Natural Gas (LNG)| ​Lifting


Hydrogen solutions powered by technology, reliability and safety


Liquid Hydrogen

Reliable supply of liquid hydrogen to your installations

Hydrogen Generators

High purity hydrogen generated on-site using proprietary technology

Cryogenic Hydrogen Compressor

The only load-following liquid hydrogen compressor with more independence from your utilities, and direct savings

Hydrogen Labs

Continuous and batch hydrogenation labs in Allentown, PA. (US only). Catalyst testing, operating conditions and production trials

Computational Modelling Services

Problem solving and consulting services on the use of applied mathematical and computational techniques

Safety Training

Safety is our top priority, so our experts can train your personnel in the safe handling and use of industrial gases


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