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Materials before and after cryogenic grinding
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Particle Size Reduction for Chemicals/Rubber and Plastics

A cost effective way to achieve required particle sizes and production rates

Air Products’ PolarFit® cryogenic grinding solutions can help you grind more effectively and efficiently, particularly for heat sensitive or tough-to-mill materials. Our systems use liquid nitrogen to cool down a feed material prior to and/or during milling to either help prevent its melting or decomposition, and achieve embrittlement.

We have experience with many mill types and can provide or recommend a feed or conveying system. Whether you have an existing cryogenic or ambient milling system that you need to upgrade, or plan to install a new system, we can help.


Ask the Expert

Jon Trembley
Jon Trembley

Technology Manager - Cryogenic Applications

What equipment do I need to set up a successful cryogenic milling operation?

A cryogenic milling operation is very similar to a normal, ambient grinding operation. It can be set up in many different ways, but the basic components may include: the mill, a cryogenic conveyor, liquid nitrogen flow controls, a liquid nitrogen supply system, and then other supporting equipment common to normal, ambient grinding operations.

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