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Cultivating an Inclusive Culture

As we work to be the most diverse industrial gas company in the world, we are building a workforce that reflects the places we do business, fully utilizing the diversity of the talent pool and fostering a respective and inclusive culture so that employees seek out diverse perspectives and feel empowered to confidently express their viewpoints and mobilize actions to create meaningful change.

Air Products uses innovative recruiting strategies and has long standing partnerships with diversity recruiting organizations that help strengthen the pipeline of diverse talent. In 2019, 55% of our college hires were diverse.

Inclusion Network

Air Products sponsors Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) throughout the world. The ERGs form an Inclusion Network that partners with Company leadership to create supportive communities that help attract and retain talent, raise cultural awareness and competence, develop critical skills and competencies and contribute to the Company’s diversity and inclusion objectives. Throughout the year the Inclusion Network and ERGs sponsor activities and programs for all employees, including workshops, panel discussions, awareness training and professional development sessions.

Our ERGs include:
  • AERO (Asian Employee Resource Organization)
  • BERG (Black Employee Resource Group)
  • EDGE (Ethnically Diverse Gulf Employees)
  • Enable, (Valuing employees of ALL abilities) 
  • HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latinos and Amigos)
  • ISERO (Indian Subcontinent Employee Resource Organization)
  • Spectrum (LGBT+ Resource Group)
  • WSN (Women’s Success Network) 
  • UDAAN (Women in India)
  • KWS (Korean Women's Success Network)
  • MEERG (Middle East Employee Resource Group)

Fostering an Inclusive Workplace for Everyone's Success

Our higher purpose includes bringing people from all walks of life together to collaborate and innovate solutions to the world’s most significant energy and environmental sustainability challenges. To realize this vision, we must foster an inclusive culture where we embrace our differences, seek out diverse perspectives and where all employees know they belong and matter.

Leadership Development

We continue to invest in the unique needs of diverse talent by providing our “Leadership Development Program for Diverse Talent,” featuring inclusive leadership modules in our development programs for new and experienced managers and through unconscious bias training for leaders and hiring managers. These programs explore why diversity and inclusion matters, the role of leaders in achieving our D&I goals, the five key elements of inclusive leadership and how to take intentional action to counteract unconscious bias. We explore, through coaching and video demonstrations, how unconscious bias may influence hiring, coaching and development and who we listen to and praise.  

These efforts contribute to increasing the representation of women and diverse talent at Air Products as we strive to be the most diverse industrial gas company. 

Additional Ways Air Products Creates a Culture
of Inclusion

  • Our global Peer-to-Peer Recognition program encourages colleagues to instantly and visibly recognize each other for their contributions.
  • Because inclusion encompasses a holistic approach to all individuals, our Global Health & Wellness team offers training, activities and events that encourage employees to take interest in their health and well-being. This includes physical activity and mental health awareness programs, healthy food choices, and periodic health screenings.  
  • Flexible work arrangements help employees manage when and where they most effectively get their work done. 
  • The Parents Association organizes a summer camp fair and a summer camp busing program at our corporate headquarters.