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Our Partnerships Team

If you believe you may be a potential technology partner, we encourage you to contact us.

Priyanka Khemka
Manager, Strategic Technology Partnerships

Focus Areas: Carbon Capture & Utilization, Blue H2 / Gray H2

Examples: Industrial-scale integration for gasification, reforming, and oxygen-based technologies, carbon capture and utilization technologies

Rebecca Mohr
Manager, Strategic Technology Partnerships

Focus Areas: Distributed Technology, Decarbonization via Low Carbon Feedstocks, Green H2 / Blue H2

Examples: Biomass gasification, biogas, biodiesel, conversion of waste into carbon neutral fuels and feedstocks, small-scale CCUS

Ben Torda
Analyst, Strategic Technology Partnerships

Focus Areas: Entire Suite of Air Products Technologies

Greg Wolf
Manager, Strategic Technology Partnerships

Partnering Focus Areas: Clean Technology, Green H2

Examples: H2fM, electrolysis, fuel cells, LOHCs, NH3

Interested in partnering with us?