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Coil Heat exchanger

Mid-scale LNG Plant Processes and Equipment

(>0.25 to <2.0 MTPA)

Mid-scale LNG plants provide a means to serve LNG niche markets, to monetize smaller gas volumes at reduced ownership cost, and to allow for staged investment of large LNG facilities.  Air Products meets the need for mid-scale LNG plants with proprietary liquefaction processes and equipment for simplicity while delivering lower unit costs.
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Benefits to our customers

Air Products' single mixed refrigerant (AP-SMR™) and propane pre-cooled mixed refrigerant (AP-C3MR™) process cycles can support customer-specific project requirements for the land-based mid-scale market.

Custom Design

Coil-wound heat exchangers designed to your economic factors, feed gas compositions, ambient conditions, and LNG product specifications


More efficient liquefaction and containment of hydrocarbons, both LNG and refrigerants

Guaranteed Performance

Delivered with performance guarantees on LNG production, specific power, and quality

Modularization Options

Manage project risks, costs and schedule

Mid Scale LNG Process

The Technology

Natural gas liquefaction technologies for capacity from 0.25-2.0 MTPA include the following processes:

  • AP-C3MR™ (1.0 - 2.0+ MTPA)
  • AP-DMR™ (1.0 - 2.0+ MTPA)
  • AP-SMR™ (0.3 - 1.8+ MTPA)
  • AP-C1™ (0.05 - 2.0+ MTPA)
  • AP-N™ (0.05 - 1.8+ MTPA)
Mid Scale Cwhe

The Equipment

Depending on the process used, natural gas liquefaction equipment can include:

  • Coil wound heat exchangers (CWHE) for reliable liquefaction
  • Cold boxes for the nitrogen recycle process
  • Proven turbomachinery with high efficiency and robust design
  • Hydraulic turbine equipment designed for improved liquefaction process efficiency
  • Flash exchangers with proven and robust design
Download Modularized LNG Liquefaction Equipment and Technology

Mid Scale LNG

Do you need a mid-scale LNG train?

Air Products meets the need for mid-scale LNG plants with liquefaction processes and equipment designed for simplicity while delivering lower unit costs.

The leading LNG technology and equipment provider

Air Products is the premier global LNG technology, equipment, and services provider. Our unique ability to integrate the liquefaction process design and critical liquefaction equipment leads to an optimization of performance, costs, operability and reliability that has become the benchmark of the LNG industry.

Looking for liquefaction technology and equipment that is efficient and robust?

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