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Mobile hydrogen fueler

Portable Hydrogen Fueler

Our SmartFuel® portable fueling units provide totally self-contained hydrogen dispensing capabilities with zero emissions and no utility hook-ups. The fueling station holds up to 150 kg of hydrogen and can be used for both short- and long-term deployments. These stations have been deployed in numerous locations around the world and can be delivered to customers with very short lead-times. It provides a highly reliable, cost-effective, automated capability at the convenience of your location.

Key Features of the SmartFuel Mobile Fueler

Totally self-contained

Includes high pressure storage and dispensing

No external power required

Solar panel provides power for dispenser.  Fueler does not have a compressor

Automated dispensing

Contains Air Products proven dispensing technology for H35 (350 bar/35MPA) fueling

ap0149-operational efficiency
Easy installation

No utility hook-ups required.  Minimal set-up time required

Highly reliable

Years of proven deployments in various locations

Fuels various vehicle types

Has fueled cars, buses, forklifts and Class 8 trucks.  Consecutive fills limited by amount of storage

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