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PRISM® On-site Nitrogen Generation & Plant Support

Right Flow. Right Purity. Right Pressure.

Experience and understanding. These attributes allow Air Products to review your requirements - flow, purity, and pressure, and to design the optimal on-site nitrogen generation solution that meets your needs and delivers efficiency, reliability, and cost savings. Whether you have special nitrogen supply requirements, are looking for process improvements, or seek environmental solutions or just sustainable, long-term supply, we can help. Our unique understanding of our customers' industries and applications and how nitrogen is used in a variety of processes, allows us to design on-site nitrogen plants that optimize gas use in industries such as food processing, metals treatment, electronics packaging, and chemical and pharmaceuticals.

To generate nitrogen with maximum efficiency, Air Products PRISM® nitrogen technologies incorporate proprietary air separation processes. The on-site nitrogen generator's design allows for easy installation and fast start-up with unattended operation. An integrated liquid nitrogen system helps ensure consistent supply to supplement peak shaving or for backup to cover variable demand.

On-site nitrogen supply can be secured under both sale-of-gas and sale-of-equipment arrangements. Air Products can either own, operate, and maintain a N2 plant at your site under a gas supply agreement or we can sell you the plant and provide after-sale support and services for the lifetime of the asset or one that you already own.

PRISM® On-Site Gas Generation tailored to your needs

PRISM® Nitrogen Generation – Made to Measure Solutions

Expert Evaluation

For small to large users of nitrogen, let our experts evaluate your specific requirements and design a plant system specifically for your needs

Low Cost Solution

PRISM® technology offers a full range of generation technology for low cost on-site nitrogen production

Easy Installation and Integration

Proprietary skidded and modular design allows for a small footprint and fast integration to new or existing operations

Full Suite of Industry Offerings

A full system of gas supply and applications technology that works together to  improve productivity, reduce downtime, and deliver long-term cost savings


Learn how PRISM® on-site gas generation works to meet your nitrogen needs
Operator wearing safety gear checking valves and gauges on a hydrogen plant

Plant Support Services and Solutions

Air Products offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions through our highly skilled staff at offices located around the world. Our team resolves customer problems related to air separation and hydrogen production plants with solutions that emphasize safety, reliability, and operating efficiency.

Need help with your cold box services? Our team of experts is here to help with new installation, replacement, maintenance and repair.

From plant assessments to engineering studies, maintenance and technical packages, operator training, and spare parts management, we are your one-stop shop for before and after plant sale support.

Industrial gas plant services

Interested in on-site gas plants and services?

Air Products PRISM® generators and on-site plants offer solutions for cost-effective , efficient, dedicated on-site supply of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and argon with added services and support for customer-owned plants.

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