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Growth Journey with Our People

Our talented, diverse and dedicated employees are our greatest asset. Growing hand in hand with our customers, partners and communities, we have created many great memories together.

Haris Farooqi

Plant Technical Director, Asia
Asia Plant Technical Solutions


From the very first day of my career here, the “safety first” mentality has been deeply ingrained in me.

At Air Products, nothing is more important than safety – not production, not sales, not even profits. This philosophy has guided me in my work and family life, and deepened my sense of responsibility towards the larger community.

I'm proud to work for a company that truly values human life above all else.

Soephy Soochipto

Administration Supervisor
Southeast Asia Industrial Gases

In June 2018, I’ll be celebrating my 20th year of working with Air Products Singapore.

Since 2005, part of my work has been to support our Global Operations team in organizing annual meetings. These meetings grew significantly in scale over the years, involving participants from all over Asia, US and Europe.

There were lots of challenges, but our people always brought their warmth, understanding and eagerness to the table, which made tasks easier and objectives achievable.

I am genuinely passionate about my work, and feel proud to be part of Air Products’ purpose of creating a better future.

Yang Lik Shia

Yang Lik Shia

Business Manager
Malaysia & Singapore Liquid Bulk/On-site Commercial

It has always been people that make one’s experience memorable.

At Air Products Singapore, I met many colleagues who have been very generous in sharing their expertise and knowledge, and going beyond their scope of work to overcome sudden challenges.

With this company culture that has stayed strong for two decades, I know that we will continue to make a positive difference to our customers and local community in the next 20 years.

Yusoff Alias

NESG Lab Operator
Packaged Gases Make

I've built many lasting relationships at Air Products. It's a core part of our culture to do so.

A good example is when I passed my probation in 1997, and my general manager and supervisor held a celebration for me.

Everyone here makes efforts to be kind, understanding and respectful. We do this with customers, colleagues, and everyone else we work with or support. Every day, 20 years.